RuthPenaplus Daughter croppedThe wall.

President Trump says it is essential. Democrats disagree.

The president flew to the border yesterday and said that he may declare a national emergency and get the wall that way.

Late last year, independent producer Scott Carrier drove along the U.S.-Mexico border for his podcast Home of the Brave.

In Tijuana he and his producer Katie Davis caught up with the caravan of people who want to migrate to the U.S. This was the caravan that President Trump said presented such a threat to the country, but Carrier and Davis found another reality.

(Pictured: Ruth Pena and her daughter were among the travelers with the "caravan" of immigrants late last year. Credit: Scott Carrier

Below: Migrants camping on ball field in Tijuana, Mexico. Credit: Scott Carrier)

Hear the entire episode here, and subscribe to Home of the Brave wherever you get your podcasts.


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