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KRCB TV Highlights the Wine Industry’s Unsung Heroes

From the history of the region to the people behind the scenes, there are many untold stories about winemaking in the North Bay. In the Independent Lens documentary: Harvest Season, we celebrate the often unsung Latinos at the heart of the Napa Valley wine industry. In the short documentary, Dry Creek Valley: Generations, we learn about the unlikely history of one of the most celebrated wine regions in the world. The Director, John Beck, and Ann Peterson, Executive Director of Dry Creek Valley…


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Hope for Sonoma's Coast; Other Calif. Areas Under Siege

On May 15, Sonoma County residents concerned about climate change and the economy will get together in Santa Rosa to talk about the Green New Deal. We’ll have that story next week. Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, we spoke with a champion of the Sonoma County coast – an activist who has been raising the…


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Local Activists Bring Green New Deal Principles to Sonoma

Environmental activists and concerned community members rallied at a town hall last week to discuss options for confronting climate change. The event was hosted by several local non-profits and focused on encouraging attendees to become more engaged in Sonoma County politics. KRCB’s Adia White has…

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